The St. Albert Gymnastics Club currently offers women’s pre-competitive and competitive training. The program is designed for those gymnasts who demonstrate a passion for gymnastics, strong work ethic, a willing and positive attitude when taking direction, determination, a competitive spirit and appropriate strength, flexibility and skill. Entrance into the competitive program is by coach recommendation or invitation only. For those who are not currently registered in one of our programs or are current members who are interested in the competitive stream, we offer free ongoing assessments.


Program Structure

The Competitive Program is comprised of separate sub-programs, primarily based on ability. Gymnasts only advance when they are confident enough to move to the next level, have shown proficiency at their current level and have acquired their coach’s recommendation. Training hours, intensity and athlete and family commitment increase in accordance with level increases.
In June of 2015, the Alberta Gymnastics Federation voted to eliminate the Women’s Canadian Provincial (competitive) Program and adopt the Junior Olympic (JO) Program. This change will see our competitive training and competitions structured similarly to BC, ON and the United States. This ‘new’ program ensures more standardized progressions, a spectator-friendly scoring system at competitions and an easier transition when moving up levels. It also requires athletes to focus on the details of their skill acquisition and performance which has always been the foundation of safe, successful, quality gymnastics – something we, as a club, strongly support.

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Our Programs

Preparatory Pre-Competitive & Pre-Competitive

Involves developing strength and flexibility, good work habits, and learning basic artistic and acrobatic gymnastics skills. The training is geared toward the selection and/or advancement to the Competitive team, although not all gymnasts may be chosen to advance. Gymnasts at this level train between 5 and 8 hours per week, are typically from 5 to 9 years of age and work to progress through JO levels 1-3, along with supplementary drills, skills and activities.



Involves continued development of strength, flexibility, strong team and individual work habits and more advanced artistic and acrobatic skills. The training is geared to prepare gymnasts to compete at their individually appropriate level. These athletes will enter competitions at the level the coach/coaches recommend. The question of when a gymnast is ready to begin competing is a combined coach/athlete/parent decision. Gymnasts train between 12 and 20 hours a week, are typically 7-16 years of age and work at JO levels 4 and above which are supplemented by additional drills, skills and activities.
Within all programs in the Competitive stream, the individual and the team’s success are equally important. We strive to provide an environment that brings out the best of our gymnasts as athletes and young people. Achieving, becoming successful and stepping up with confidence, grace and pride are results we aim to see exhibited by our gymnasts in the gym, on the podium and in their endeavors outside our walls. Committed and positive support for all our gymnasts from teammates, SAGC staff, coaches and families is an integral part of the Competitive Program.

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