Meet Our Coaches!!

Coach Ashley Sportun

Ashley Sportun – Women’s Competitive Director

Ashley has been involved in competitive gymnastics for more than 24 years. She started as a competitive gymnast and ended having competed at the provincial and national levels. After her competitive gymnastics career ended, she began coaching in her hometown club. She earned a two-year coaching diploma from Seneca College and soon found her place at Oakville Gymnastics where, for several years, she immersed herself in the world of coaching competitive gymnastics. At Oakville, she mentored under Kelly Manjak. Many of her gymnasts have competed at Eastern, Western and National Championships.

Ashley is currently Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 3 certified, Level 3 trampoline trained and Men’s Gymnastic Level 2 certified. In addition, she recently started her Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 4 NCCP coaching course from which she is expected to graduate in December 2018.

Ashley’s coaching philosophy is to coach the person and not just the athlete. Through the sport of gymnastics, she wishes to lead by example and teach her athletes respect, leadership, dedication and passion.

She believes that life is a balancing act, where athletes juggle gymnastics with their school, family life and other activities. As a coach, she is resourceful and finds ways to work with every athlete regardless of their level and ability. Her ultimate goal is to have each of her athletes reach their personal maximum potential in the sport of gymnastics. She strives for excellence but believes the safety and emotional well being of her athletes is far more important than performance. Ashley’s goal is to never stop learning and growing as a coach and to become the best possible coach for her athletes. She is a long-term planner and always looks at the big picture when it comes to her athletes’ career and life after gymnastics.

Coach Keenan Pascos

Keenan Pascos – Recreational Director

Keenan has been coaching both boys and girls recreational gymnastics for just over 16 years and has coached in both men’s and women’s competitive programs since 2012. He has coached at every level from Parent & Tot to teen and adult groups, including special needs groups, school field trips, home-schooled groups, trampoline and tumbling, cheerleading and parkour.

Keenan started gymnastics when he was ten and competed at the provincial level before moving into coaching. Prior to becoming involved with gymnastics, he was a Triple A hockey player and a provincial lacrosse player. He also played rugby in high school, but found his passion in gymnastics, which he says is one of the hardest but most fun sports he did.

Keenan is currently Men’s Artistic Level 3 NCCP trained, Women’s Artistic Level 3 NCCP trained, Women’s Artistic Level 2 certified, and Men’s Artistic Level 2 certified. He is also Trampoline Level 2 certified and has strong spotting techniques on all apparatuses. In addition, he has current first aid and CPR certification.

He believes that gymnastics is a great sport that can prepare athletes for all types of sports and life in general as, in addition to giving athletes strength, flexibility and body awareness, it teaches them discipline, hard work ethics, and how to follow directions.

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