Parkour: For ages 7 and up!


Don’t think the movement
Be the movement!!

Parkour is an exciting adventurous free running sport. Parkour teaches you the ability to get from one point to another in the most creative way possible. The sport not only trains your body but also your mind, you need to be both focussed and patient.

In parkour you need to know your limits but at the same time be willing to push yourself that extra bit even though it might be a little scary. Parkour is a fantastic way to stay fit and learn cool tricks, it’s a sport where both boys and girls can have a great time.

So if you’re an active go go go kid and would love to learn how to flip and run up walls and leap from obstacle to obstacle in a safe environment then parkour is the sport for you. Sign up now and we are looking forward for you to be a part of the first St. Albert parkour program.

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