Tumbling Classes

      Co-ed Classes – 8 years of age and older

St. Albert Gymnastics Club offers a variety of tumbling classes from beginner to advanced. Tumbling classes are popular with cheerleaders, dancers and older gymnasts who are looking to maintain or advance their skill level in a safe environment or for gymnasts just starting out. Our tumbling classes are structured for developing a tumbling series which includes cartwheels, walkovers, round offs and back handsprings. Gymnasts will use our 48’ x 48’ exercise floor, 60’ tumble track and other pieces of equipment to help develop their skills, strength and flexibility.

Parents are welcome to stay and view the class from our viewing area upstairs.


Beginner Tumble

This is a great introductory class into our tumbling program and provides beginners with an opportunity to obtain a focus for their goals. While developing flexibility, strength and core balance gymnasts will also work on basic skills including bridges, handstands and cartwheels.

Pre-requisite: None
Class length: 1 hour per week


Intermediate Tumble

This program is the next step for gymnasts who want to continue to build and develop their individual tumbling goals. While reviewing the skills learned in the Beginner Tumble, gymnasts will begin to work on front/back walkovers, round-offs and round-off back handsprings.

Pre-requisite: Beginner Tumble or by coach recommendation
Class length: 1 ½ hours per week


Advanced Tumble

In our Advanced Tumble class gymnasts will continue to advance their individual tumbling goals. Skills in the Intermediate tumble class will be reviewed and gymnasts will work towards mastering front and back handsprings. If gymnasts can execute handsprings with ease, coaches may allow gymnasts an opportunity to begin working on saltos.

Pre-requisite: Intermediate Tumble or by coach recommendation
Class length: 2 hours per week

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